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Terms and Conditions

We highly recommend reading the following terms and conditions before making any online purchase on our website. Please note that you would not be able to use or access Valuerxmeds.com if you do not abide by or accept any of the terms listed herein.

The terms and conditions on this website are subject to immediate change without prior notice to its users. We therefore recommend our users to frequently update themselves of any change in information on this website before proceeding with any drug purchase.

We assure that all the drugs published or sold herein are in full agreement with the pharmaceutical laws regulating their sale to the public. The company reserves complete authority to restrict/forbid any party from purchasing any drug on its website if it feels that the concerned party is not in lawful compliance with any of the following:

Age 18 years or above

Owing to the serious health risks posed by the drug, the federal law prohibits the sale of Tramadol to people below 18 years of age. The website has complete authority to cross-check the age details of the user as also to verify against the billsfor ensuring legal sale of the drug online. Please go through the ‘FDA warning on Tramadol’ to clearly understand the age restrictions indicated before going ahead with the purchase.

Infringement of Ownership Rights

The website takes full ownership of all information published herein on every page as well as all internal and external links. No third party is authorized to copy, alter, publish, store, share, produce, or reproduce, any content published on this website in any form whatsoever. No material found herein shall be used/accessed for purposes other than personal use or those lawfully authorized by the company.

Any activity by any user, which the company deems against its official interests, shall be subject to questioning and punishable under a court of law if found guilty. If you must use any of the material published on this website for commercial reasons, you must obtain, and produce upon questioning, prior written approval from Valuerxmeds.com.

Third-party Endorsement

The website neither indulges in nor encourages the endorsement of any product (other than its own) from any third-party website. Similarly, the company does not give authorization to any third-party website to take ownership of any information/data published on this website under its own name. Valuerxmeds.com reserves the right to sue any party found doing so and may impose legal actions upon them as deemed necessary by it.

Sale of Drugs without Prescription

The company shall only offer the drugs published herein to legal users/customers who can produce a prescription for the same issued/signed by a certified doctor or a licensed medical practitioner. This is in accordance with the federal law governing the sale of certain drugs online and any party that fails to produce a valid prescription may not be offered the drug for sale. The company reserves the exclusive rights ofsale in this regard.


Please note that Valuerxmeds.com shall not be deemed responsible in any way for any damage caused under unfortunate circumstances to any user from the use of any drug published on this website.

The company makes considerable efforts to ensure complete accuracy of data published at all times, yet, any unfortunate mishaps due to drug abuse or otherwise shall not be traced back to the website. We highly recommend taking all drugs only under the direct and expert supervision of your medical practitioner.

In addition, the prices of the drugs are subject to change by the concerned vendor without prior notice. We take special care to ensure that all prices are updated regularly for our readers, however, a few misses at times should be given due consideration.

Legal Validity of Our Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions mentioned on our website are clearly in adherence with the federal law governing the sale of medications online. As such, these terms hold value and meaning only up to the time the same federal law regarding online sale of drugs prevails. In case of change in law, these terms and conditions may be declared invalid by the user. In this case, the company would make necessary efforts to update the new terms and conditions in accordance with the new law.

Safety of User Account Details

We promise to maintain the safety and confidentiality of every user that chooses to register an account with us for the purpose of drug purchase from our website. We assure our users that all their personal details such as username and password shall at all times be preserved safely in our records and shall never be disclosed to any third party or used for any other purpose whatsoever.

However, we also hold the right to dismiss any user account in case we feel that it is being misused for any purpose other than the one intended or if the user is found to be engaging in any activity that works against our policies.

Restrict Access to Content

Valuerxmeds.com clearly specifies that all its content published is for the use of commercial purpose only. Nobody, other than those specifically authorized by the company, has permission to access any content restricted by the website for public viewing, or has the authority to edit/delete any content without the necessary approval by the company. Content here refers to text or images.

Linking to Third-party Websites

We hereby declare that Valuerxmeds.com does not have tie-ups with any third-party website. Also, we do not manage any web links that are associated to any third party. As such, we do not provide any guarantee to the authentication of any third-party website either in terms of accuracy of data published, genuineness of drugs offered, or warranty of terms of use.

Permission to Electronic Communication

The company allows its users to facilitate all kinds of electronic communication via electronic mails or online banking for drug purchases made. In doing so, it also expects its users to provide consent to receiving electronic communication from Valuerxmeds.com in the form of electronic mails or promotion of subscription material such as newsletters.

Privacy Agreement

Valuerxmeds.com has its own substantial privacy policy published under the section “Privacy Policy” on the website. Herein the company details its policies regarding the use of all personal data shared by its users over its website in relation to purchase of drugs. The company promises to always secure its users’ private details and not exploit it for any purpose whatsoever. You may review our Privacy Policy for more details on this section.

Resolution of Disputes

The websites strictly adheres to all laws governing the sale of drugs online as laid out by the central government. Hence, in the occurrence of any dispute or conflict arising between two parties, the best legislative procedures as defined by the federal law shall be adhered to.

The two disputing parties referred to herein may include but are not limited to: the company and any of its user(s), the company and its direct or indirect competition, and the company and any other third-party linked to the company in whichever way possible. The conflict may arise either due to breach of the terms and conditions listed herein or infringement of our privacy policy.

Note: These terms and conditions are intended directly at the users of Valuerxmeds.com and are meant solely for their personal reference. These terms should in no way be assigned by the user to any other third-party without prior consent forValuerxmeds.com, in the event of which, the concerned user may be liable to face legal action for violation of Terms of Use.

If you use or access this website, we understand that you have clearly and thoroughly read all our terms and conditions detailed herein as well as gone through our Privacy Policy as well. You also acknowledge that you have read, understood and also agreed to all our terms and conditions before making any purchase on our website.

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