Can Citalopram be used as a Xanax alternative? Citalopram vs Xanax

Can Citalopram be used as a Xanax alternative? Celexa uses and effects

Citalopram, famously known as Celexa, is quite effective in treating depression and anxiety, whereas Xanax serves as a pain and anxiety-relieving drug for patients. Usually, Xanax is recommended for short term relief against anxiety and traumatic stress. Both the drugs are quite familiar in relieving the stress like symptoms in individuals but should be strictly consumed under doctor supervision. These drugs, Citalopram vs Xanax, are quite popular among individuals suffering from anger and depression issues and can effectively help stabilize a patient’s conditions. One can buy Citalopram 20 mg cash on delivery after a doctor’s prescription.

Citalopram as a Xanax alternative

Though both the medicines are used for anxiety and stress treatment, still their effectiveness and use is an important factor to compare between Citalopram vs Xanax. Both the medications have different potential of treating stress disorders and stabilize the given patient’s condition. The most common inference involves the use of Celexa as a major drug in treating major-depression stress problems.

At the same time, Xanax serves as an excellent drug for temporary relief and relaxation. Still, Both the medicines have specific side effects to their deed where Celexa and Xanax involve dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth, etc. In severe cases, it can also lead to difficulty in an individual’s sexual life, with problems involving difficulty in orgasm and impotency. Also, constipation and nausea are equally disturbing side effects faced by the use of this medicine.

Citalopram vs Xanax, a more sophisticated approach

Citalopram and Xanax both might have the same functionality and drug interactivity. Still, they have many factors contrasting each other. The use of Xanax is quite a simpler approach when using it as a short term immediate relief method. But Celexa uses are highly recommended to treat severe depression issues and post-traumatic stress.

Celexa is best used in the long run due to its lesser side effects and impacts on the human body. Whereas Xanax is not an ideal approach in the long run due to the addictive nature of medicine, which can increase the tolerance of receptors leading to drug abuse. The medicine is enough to drive the abuser into fits of craving and has some of the worst withdrawal symptoms.

Chemical activity and dosage indications

Citalopram and Xanax belong to different drug families and functional groups. Citalopram works in the form of an SSR known as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, while Xanax belongs to a class of benzodiazepine. Celexa works effectively by altering the secretion and uptake mechanisms of the feel-good hormones on the body. It alters your body’s serotonin levels to make you feel more cheerful, active, and less depressed.


Though both medicines hold an essential place in stress treatment, there is still more research needed to replace these medicines with each other. Other than that, it can be believed that Celexa can be used as a suitable alternative for Xanax treatment of stress since it has less addictive properties and does not lead to drug abuse or withdrawal aftereffects. Still, using a strong dose for the treatment of simple stress can be a troubling question and choice. If you want, buy Celexa online from the best online drug store.


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